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Our Happy Hacker adventures...

We film most of our rides especially when we do something new or go somewhere new.  Watching these back for ourselves always teaches us so much and we hope that you will enjoy and perhaps also learn through our experiences.  We are NOT the Instructors our horses are and so if through them we are able to encourage you to also step outside of your comfort zones then for us it is mission accomplished!

River Crossing

Today Lisa, Jess, Christine and I headed down to the river crossing that we had checked out on our last ride.  We had made the decision to cross but we NEVER have fixed ideas on how we will do it etc.  We have learned that it will take the time it takes, and that we may need to get off and get wet and that is ok.
Some of us get off and other stay on, the horses determine what they need from us as leaders in order to do the task we have set before them. We don't all cross today, in our minds success and failure with horses is determined only by the state of your relationship before AND after your chosen activity,  we always make the call that votes in favor of our horses.

Extreme Downhill Riding

One Happy Hacker falls off - no injuries sustained! Here you will see how we navigate a tricky steep sandy slope. The horses get a little emotional and then split second decisions on how to handle that need to be made, it is not always easy!

They need to learn to get their weight back and slide down while facing forward, you will see how they try to go sideways which puts both horse and rider as a disadvantage.  You will also see what happens when one horse looses its rider and runs off and leaves the others behind, in this case it works out well and she returns to her herd before without going to far.

Going to the Beach

Our first trip to the beach - today Lisa and I boxed our horses, Maverick and Imogen to the beach for the first time.  Maverick (Dark Bay) has been to the beach before with me on an outride a couple years ago and also before he became mine with his previous owner, but this was Imogen's (Grey) very first time ever seeing the beach and the sea!

They loved their morning on the beach and did well with people, dogs, a low flying microlight and monkeys all in one place!  We were there for about 90min, boxing them to return home proved more of a challenge with Maverick objecting (I think he wanted to stay on the beach;) but it was nothing terrible and it took 10 minutes and he was in the box and ready to return home.