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Welcome to HappyHackers.co.za!

Q.What is this site all about?

A. This is a forum where hackers can come together and share our rides and experience in the same way that runners do. We can inspire one another and encourage one another to push our boundaries and step outside of our comfort zones. We can perhaps even travel to other places and try other rides but it starts with knowing what is out there. 

Q.Why focus on Hacking?

A. Hacking is the most underrated of the equestrian "disciplines" it cannot even be called a discipline and yet I believe that where possible it should be part of every horse owners weekly program.

Lets Discuss...

I am sure you have been asked the question - what do you do with your horse?

I once answered this in an apologetic tone... "I am just a Happy Hacker..." as if somehow I was wasting my beautiful horse - I think NOT!

Now I am prouder than ever before to be a Happy Hacker.  Knowing just how hardcore our rides are and how fit our horses have become, makes me VERY proud. I step way outside my comfort zone on every ride and my horse is braver than he has ever been. He uses his body and mind in equal doses and this makes me believe that all things are possible.  If someday we compete on some level it will be from a very strong foundation of relationship and fun first.

I want the term "Happy Hacker" to become more "badass" because the way we do it rocks, and our horses have become the stars of our very own outride shows!   There are many others out there doing the same and we would love to hear from you!

We love our competitive friends and admire those who keep the balance between work and play, carry on adventuring with your equine partners - we salute you!  We are going to throw out some fun challenges from time to time - follow us on Facebook to find out more about those!

Some of the BENEFITS of regular hacks for your horse :)

  1. Increased Responsiveness
  2. Quicker recovery from distractions
  3. Practical environments to move around and through i.e. gates
  4. Ability to negotiate obstacles
  5. Better balance, try trotting downhill
  6. Improved muscle/conditioning
  7. A change of scenery - arenas can get so boring!
  8. Opportunity to socialize with other horses
  9. Relaxation in faster gaits
  10. Opportunity to look to their human for leadership